Monday, 24 July 2017


In the USA, back to school day is associated with labour day. Usually, this period is celebrated from mid-July to mid-September, wherein there are back to school sales throughout the country.
The family at Lightsdaddy wishes you a happy back to school day. We believe education is an important part of every individual’s life. It moulds them and shapes them into confident individuals. We attach utmost importance to education and learning and believe it is important to teach the little ones that learning can be so much fun. Learning is a process, not the ultimate goal. The goal is to become individuals who are empathetic, calm and generous and that comes through holistic development, and holistic development can be only assured with constant efforts and encouragement in every direction, including sports, art and craft. Learning begins at home. Children learn the most from their parents. Parents play a major role in shaping their child’s future. A very important aspect of good parenting is always looking for their comfort and happiness.

As our name suggests, we love to spread light. Our range of lamps, lights and lightings with surely melt your heart. They are available in different price ranges, sizes and patterns and you can choose from a wide variety of lights to suit your best interest.
Lighten up your lives and rooms with our range of lights. Kids spend a lot of time at their study either doing art and craft or homework. They tend to spend long hours in the evening and at night doing chores or just loitering around. We are here to take care of their delicate eyesight and make their room look intriguing, positive and pleasant.
Lights tend to have that effect that can make the four walls of your house look and feel homely. All our lights are designed in a way that they suit the ambience and add more and more to its beauty.  
We add that homely feel to the house. We believe the overall development of the child is extremely important in a competitive world like this. It is important to understand their needs, capabilities and hobbies and work towards encouraging them in learning new skills and developing confidence.
Back to school marks the beginning of something joyous, fun and interactive. Children tend to learn so much in a new class with a new bunch of people. We wish everyone a happy back to school day and a fantastic academic year ahead.

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