Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Try Something Unique For This Valentine’s Day

As the most awaited day of the year i.e. Valentine’s Day is all set to draw close. Everyone is steady to relish it with their loved ones by surprising them with the unique presents. Millions alive celebrates the day in all possible ways and some even sets benchmarks by throwing a delightful party with a perfect theme. The day that’s being celebrated worldwide is known to shower love irrespective of the ages and relationship. Are you also the one planning to be that precise? If yes, then Lightsdaddy.com will suit your requisites the best!

Every delightful event requires a soother decoration and extravagant lightings that stands as the best duet to double the joy of the theme. Lightsdaddy.com; The USA’s one of the best e-commerce platforms is the best mean that helps one achieve their aimed aims. Who won’t love to be assist or helped in achieving aims by showering immense love to their loved ones? Won’t you?

The store is a prominent platform and it serves a wider range of products that works impressively and encourages your efforts to the core too. The store’s outstanding reach is the key factor that calls out louder invites to its potential customers. I am the one among the happy customers, as its impressive collection stood up to my expectation and gave a soother charm to my function.
The assortment comprises everything that would amazingly fit the requisites list the best! You can have anything, White & Red Colors Fluffy Fur Soft Lighting String Lights Set, Iron Art Hollow 40 colors Drop Shape Dancing Fairy, Battery Operated String Lights, etc. and that too as wished.

The store tends to cater all that is needed and even upholds exciting offers based on festival or seasons. All such activities introduced and exhibited are customer oriented and is intended to serve the best with excitements. This Valentine’s Day too, store will be up with exciting Valentine’s Day Offers and Gifts.

Nothing gives more pleasures and peace then gifting, preparing and exciting the joy with surprises. Best is to relish the season by being the first to get the best available for your loved ones. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Upgrade House Decor With All Exciting Christmas Needs

In search for the best, the innovative and the most eye catchy styling lights for the house? I feel, my help will find you grab one that suits your preference! 
You are not the only one who aims to get the best; it is the story of every second house. Nothing is wrong to fetch the best for the house!  A jaw dropping and an eye catchy decor is a peace server. A normal applause or appreciation for the house decor can make up your day. So, putting a hold on what’s best is a greater step.    
There are millions, who love to decorate their houses on every important occasions or festivals. One such an interesting festive or season that is celebrated worldwide is Christmas Day! In compare to other festivals, Christmas Day is celebrated with the most interest. It provides bundles of joys with no means in return. It is celebrated on a yearly basis and mostly from last week of the month of December. 
Though Christmas is celebrated by decorating surroundings with Christmas Products, still unlike other festivals, Christmas Day is not just light or color oriented festival. One celebrating it does it in all the possible innovative ways. Some decorate their outdoor passage, some decorates the entire house. Everyone has their different ideology according to which they do the best to celebrate. I understand decorating isn’t an easy task. Fetching all needed requirement is a sweaty event. None like to roam fetching stuff door by door and store by store. 
One best solution for such a hectic process is fetching required stuffs online. Today’s era is completely into modern equips i.e. modern technology based products. Similar to other mind combusting events, technologies has even suppressed the hectic part of shopping and make it the easiest. One highly recognized and a salient online store that tends to serve all that is needed is Lightsdaddy.com. It assures that all the products are 100% genuine and trustable. 
The store tends to cater all that is needed and even upholds exciting offers based on festival or seasons. All such activities introduced and exhibited are customer oriented and is intended to serve the best with excitements. This Christmas Day too, store will be again up with exciting Christmas Day Offers and Christmas Gifts. Nothing gives more pleasures and peace then gifting and exciting the joy with surprises. Best is to relish the festival by being the first to get the best available. 
Store caters all products that are categorized as gifts, lighting, lighting Accessories, wall lighting, etc. This is done to let your search bi fluent and easy. Lots of Christmas day offers will be live too with popular searches such as Christmas tree lights and Outdoor Christmas lights
Double the pleasures this Christmas day by enriching all that it caters!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Track lighting has always been popular with cultured households and organizations which run a profitable business. It’s been many ages since the track lighting serves the purpose of highlighting creatives and collectibles for which you need to garner the attention. On the other hand, the lighting technology simplifies the task of brightening different locations. It could either be a bookshelf which rests in a corner of a large room or cupboard where you need to constantly open to search for items.

When you think about a big leap in the field of technology,  you could consider track lights as designs which are not only used to deck up interiors but also for decorating the space. These are nothing but bulbs which are installed on tracks along with conductors. When the options for designs never end, such kinds of lights contribute toward a classy home decor idea and are much easier to install. Even when you have don’t have the knack of installing, it’s always easy as pie and convenient to do this task. Furthermore, you need not spend even a dime when packages help you to assemble the parts through instructions. The purpose is not just confined to residences but large business ventures, auditoriums and study halls.

Since there’s just a single location for attachments of lights, these structures don’t eat space. In fact, it is most sought option for families who don’t want to utilize spaces due to the size of lamps. You can show off your style when structures scintillate with the luster of the metallic components. For those who prefer toggling between designs from time to time, you can select interchangeable light sets to suit their requirements in addition to the personal preferences. After all, you never look anywhere else when you know that everything can be done free of hassles at no extra cost.  

The LED lights included in these lighting systems serves to consume less amount of energy without compromising on decorating the room. While you might be under an impression that you would be burning a hole in your pocket, you might be wrong. Despite the hefty price that  you need to pay, LEDs are cost effective without letting the light quality fade away.
Another benefit is that they consume low carbon and they don’t emit Ultraviolet (UV) rays. This advantage not only helps to keep the environment secure but also aids for the wellbeing of people staying inside the residence.
Since LED lights comparatively last for a longer time, you never need to worry much about taking the effort of removing the lights and search for a replacement. Once you ready to switch on the lights for the first time, you can stay relaxed and worry free.
Lastly, as we had stated earlier, you can expect savings on space post installations. This would give you an opportunity to accommodate everything that’s in your mind. Visit a lighting shop online to source something unique.

Monday, 24 July 2017


In the USA, back to school day is associated with labour day. Usually, this period is celebrated from mid-July to mid-September, wherein there are back to school sales throughout the country.
The family at Lightsdaddy wishes you a happy back to school day. We believe education is an important part of every individual’s life. It moulds them and shapes them into confident individuals. We attach utmost importance to education and learning and believe it is important to teach the little ones that learning can be so much fun. Learning is a process, not the ultimate goal. The goal is to become individuals who are empathetic, calm and generous and that comes through holistic development, and holistic development can be only assured with constant efforts and encouragement in every direction, including sports, art and craft. Learning begins at home. Children learn the most from their parents. Parents play a major role in shaping their child’s future. A very important aspect of good parenting is always looking for their comfort and happiness.

As our name suggests, we love to spread light. Our range of lamps, lights and lightings with surely melt your heart. They are available in different price ranges, sizes and patterns and you can choose from a wide variety of lights to suit your best interest.
Lighten up your lives and rooms with our range of lights. Kids spend a lot of time at their study either doing art and craft or homework. They tend to spend long hours in the evening and at night doing chores or just loitering around. We are here to take care of their delicate eyesight and make their room look intriguing, positive and pleasant.
Lights tend to have that effect that can make the four walls of your house look and feel homely. All our lights are designed in a way that they suit the ambience and add more and more to its beauty.  
We add that homely feel to the house. We believe the overall development of the child is extremely important in a competitive world like this. It is important to understand their needs, capabilities and hobbies and work towards encouraging them in learning new skills and developing confidence.
Back to school marks the beginning of something joyous, fun and interactive. Children tend to learn so much in a new class with a new bunch of people. We wish everyone a happy back to school day and a fantastic academic year ahead.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


It actually requires an art and science, when lighting designs are concerned. You need to choose a mix of recessed lighting and other systems if you need not only to highlight the features of the room but also concentrate on the tasks that requires your attention. Here are some tips that you need to consider so that your room gets illuminated in a much better way.

Calculate the total wattage which is a determining factor for radiating light inside the room. It’s simple and easy through a formula. Measure the dimensions of the room with the help of a measuring tape, calculate the area and then multiply it with 1.5. For instance, if the dimensions of the room come out to be 20 x 30 feet, then the wattage required would be 900 watts (1.5 x 600). This would contribute towards brightening the room efficiently. For the kitchen, we suggest you to use a combination of wide-angle down-lights and narrow-beam down-lights. While wide-angle down-lights serves the purpose for providing ambient light, narrow-beam lights makes it easier for you to concentrate on chores be it a sink, counter or a stove.

Once the wattage is determined, divide the wattage with the wattage mentioned on a single bulb of your choice. This would surely aid you to decide on the number of fixtures that are required to be installed inside the room. For example, in this case, if you choose 90 watt bulbs, then you require only 10 bulbs for illuminating the space. LED lights are much more popular than halogen globes. This is because of the fact that they run on relatively less voltage. You might get confused at this stage because of the marked difference in the ratings.

When the wattage and the number of lights are known, you should consider the space between two light bulbs. Measure a distance of 2 feet away from the wall and follow a thumb rule of accommodating fixtures with a spacing of 2 feet. Even though this a sort of guideline to follow, you need to compromise on space and add or remove a light when you don’t have to lose focus as far as the balance is concerned. In case you staying a house which right below someone else’s residence, then you might not get a skillful electrician to set up the ceiling lights. You tend to affect rather mar the building’s structural integrity. 

When you are planning to retrofit an existing system, then you should never leave the option of using a dimming kit. Dimmer switches serve a dual purpose of helping you control the amount of light and saving energy so that the bulbs play their role for a longer time. Never think about controlling lighting systems with a single button. Be wise to install switches which have separate functionalities.  

Finally, backyards or verandas require damp-rated fixtures to be installed outdoors. Ensure that the bulbs are rated with damp-location so that you remain safe when the lights get exposed to snow or water during the rainy season. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Are you thinking of buying pendant lights which have always been a statement piece? If the answer is ‘YES’, then go through these tips to find something suitable. Regardless of what might be the purpose, the pendant light would surely enhance the look of a dull room. Buy lamps and bulbs either to highlight a particular area or illuminate a space where individuals can’t do away with bright light. These lighting fixtures not only provides brightness but also plays a key role in sculptural artworks. Try choosing an apt lighting system flaunting with a wide range of colors and shades.  

When you have planned to select the pendant light, think of what the purpose might be. It could be for offer luminosity to carry the task prudently, highlight certain floor spaces, or setting that desired mood for a social gathering. Besides, choose something apt if you need to spread light all across spaces in the room. Consider a diffuser or semi-opaque bulbs to avoid circular bright spots on the floor and to spread light evenly inside the rooms. For task lighting, choose pendants that are open towards the side which faces the flooring. For less intensity, select fabric pendant lights in which the light gets filtered through translucent and light material cloth. 

Next, you need to consider is the space size where the pendant light and lamps would be fixed. Do get hold of a tape to measure the dimensions of the space. While oversized fittings can make you uneasy when you come to know that the room is cluttered, undersized pendant don’t appear to be something to deck up indoors. Follow the basic rule which says that more space, larger should be the size of the pendant light.

After measuring the space, you need to think about the location of the light fixture within the room. If light inside the room is a major concern, then set up an array of pendant lights across the room. Use ‘clustering’ as the technique or make the staircase shimmer with lights of different shades. For that visual appeal, hang pendants of various sizes with bulbs masked in different shades. For the dining table, ensure that the lights are properly set up and they don’t obstruct as family members are moving around. The height at which the lighting fixture is installed should also be taken into account. When you know that you need to retrofit your kitchen, then adequate task lighting provides a great solution. Most often, try installing the pendant 72 inches above the floor or 28 to 34 inches above countertops. In case a certain area needs to be highlighted, then think of buying pendants with retractable and adjustable cords to suit different requirements.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Once you have made up your mind to buy a new chandelier, there are many tips that you need to consider while making a selection. This article would surely help you in purchasing lamps and lighting accessories at the right price.

For people who plan to buy a chandelier for the first time, remember that you need to fix it high in the room so that it actually highlights home furniture, and collectibles even when the room appears dark and in some cases gloomy. For a deep impact, it is recommended that you hang the chandelier in the right location and at a height adequate above the floor. As far as the dining room is concerned, we suggest that you position the chandelier right above the table. Select something matching your style and proportionate to the area covered by the room. Avoid purchasing a chandelier that is not as big as the length of the table. This is because there are chances of the people accidentally bumping to the lighting fixture. Follow a thumb rule that the light fixture should be 12 inches narrower than the table with its edges 48 inches away from the walls. In case your ceiling is 8 feet high above the floor level, fix the chandelier 3 inches lower than it’s original position. 

Next, you need to keep in mind the tips for selecting light bulbs. Avoid buying bulbs which throw light on individuals because this causes discomfort. Bulbs which draw more current can overheat the area and lead to glare and lengthy shadows. Set the perfect mood by adding shades to the bulbs which would surely help to control the light intensity. To create that visual appeal, try setting up the bulbs at an angle enough to enhance the beauty of the centerpieces. 
If it’s an open lobby or a foyer setting that concerns you, then an entryway chandelier can be the most preferred choice. Nothing would surely come in your way as you make a transition from outdoors to the interiors of the house. Consider hanging a chandelier high enough to brighten the side passages much above your knee level so that you don’t stumble upon something weird on the way. You would be surprised if the chandeliers are of a proportionate size and that the room doesn’t appear stacked with light fixtures. Do think about clearance measuring six and a half from the floor while installing the chandelier. But this not where everything ends.

Pendant chandeliers can be set up 30 to 34 inches above the table surface depending on the arrangement and the numbers that you decide on. Adorn the chain by wrapping it with a soft and silky fabric in contrast to the overall color of the chandelier. This decor idea would make every day look like a holiday for your family. Finally, add beautiful ceiling medallions above the table or the fixture’s canopy.