Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Are you thinking of buying pendant lights which have always been a statement piece? If the answer is ‘YES’, then go through these tips to find something suitable. Regardless of what might be the purpose, the pendant light would surely enhance the look of a dull room. Buy lamps and bulbs either to highlight a particular area or illuminate a space where individuals can’t do away with bright light. These lighting fixtures not only provides brightness but also plays a key role in sculptural artworks. Try choosing an apt lighting system flaunting with a wide range of colors and shades.  

When you have planned to select the pendant light, think of what the purpose might be. It could be for offer luminosity to carry the task prudently, highlight certain floor spaces, or setting that desired mood for a social gathering. Besides, choose something apt if you need to spread light all across spaces in the room. Consider a diffuser or semi-opaque bulbs to avoid circular bright spots on the floor and to spread light evenly inside the rooms. For task lighting, choose pendants that are open towards the side which faces the flooring. For less intensity, select fabric pendant lights in which the light gets filtered through translucent and light material cloth. 

Next, you need to consider is the space size where the pendant light and lamps would be fixed. Do get hold of a tape to measure the dimensions of the space. While oversized fittings can make you uneasy when you come to know that the room is cluttered, undersized pendant don’t appear to be something to deck up indoors. Follow the basic rule which says that more space, larger should be the size of the pendant light.

After measuring the space, you need to think about the location of the light fixture within the room. If light inside the room is a major concern, then set up an array of pendant lights across the room. Use ‘clustering’ as the technique or make the staircase shimmer with lights of different shades. For that visual appeal, hang pendants of various sizes with bulbs masked in different shades. For the dining table, ensure that the lights are properly set up and they don’t obstruct as family members are moving around. The height at which the lighting fixture is installed should also be taken into account. When you know that you need to retrofit your kitchen, then adequate task lighting provides a great solution. Most often, try installing the pendant 72 inches above the floor or 28 to 34 inches above countertops. In case a certain area needs to be highlighted, then think of buying pendants with retractable and adjustable cords to suit different requirements.

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