Thursday, 11 August 2016


Are you seeking to deck up a commercial building with cost effective and efficient lighting options? Are you hesitating to incorporate lights with the fear of a hike in operational costs? If that wants you are concerned about, then you could select one of this trend while you plan for a retrofit. Surely, these commercial lighting trends would be remembered for years.

Till date, LEDs still remain to be a product with an increasing demand when commercial lights need to be fixed. Low power consumption and an energy efficient as well as an eco-friendly design are some of its features that make it worthy of investing in this lighting fixture. But, the popularity of these fixtures might fade away when something new and unique would hit the shelves. A wide variety of commercial lighting fixtures online would help you decide which LEDs to buy as per your requirements.

Color Tuning
As LED lighting and controls move ahead to become more advanced, the next frontier is adjusting the color depending on where the commercial LED lighting fixtures are installed. LEDs radiate monotone, efficient light but now it is easy to adjust the color for defining the precise color temperature for an application. While Dim-to-Warm tuning makes it convenient to use LEDs in restaurants and residences, white color tuning helps to adjust color temperatures anywhere between 2500K and 5000K. If you are an architect or a designer, you needn’t repent on what you have purchased. Shopping becomes easy with commercial lighting online.

Smart Glass
A smart glass, when used with a LED, helps you gain control over the amount of light that illuminates your office. So, when you're deeply involved with many things at your desk you no longer need to worry about the temperature of the LED. In fact, smart glass is one of the best solutions to regulate glare in buildings with loads of energy savings.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)
A Color Rendering Index (CRI) gives you a fair idea of the color saturation. It gauges the accuracy of a light source which reproduces various colors. Higher the CRI rating, the colors appear real and breathe a new life. It is always advised to buy LEDs which have a CRI rating of 85 and above. These are available easily along with several commercial lighting fixtures.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things is something to do with ‘Building Management Controls’. It works way beyond than enhancing productivity and improving the comfort level for the client. Lights can be operated automatically through a few taps on a high-end mobile device and a tablet. The sole purpose is cut down energy costs. Once programmed, It simplifies the task of detecting the crime in dim light. The business owner is notified through an alert when a trespasser is detected under dim lights. At this point of time, the lights flash with 100 percent luminosity. Do explore emergency lights under commercial lighting online so that you are sure of what you are purchasing.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting
After knowing what Circadian Rhythm Lighting is all about, an individual would surely be amazed to know this as an innovative trend. Depending on the outdoors, the lighting pattern can be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if it’s dark and you are anticipating a huge downpour, then the lights glow to the maximum level in contrast to the surrounding.

Power Over Ethernet
The Power Over Ethernet technology makes it feasible for the Ethernet cable to act as a substitute for a power cord for carrying electrical currents. Since the technology aids to run a network connected with less number of wires, installation and maintenance become easy and simple.

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