Friday, 12 August 2016


There are many who think to adorn their houses with traditional and LED lighting systems. But, for those who have already embossed their interest in technology you might wonder if you need to go for both, traditional and LED light bulbs or either of them. Quite evidently, with the hike in the prices, people are always in the search of solutions that not only help save money as well as the effort but also time and the energy. But, when energy savings is the prime concern, LEDs help a long way ahead. Many might not stop by to check LED lights because they are out of their budget. Well, this is true but there would certainly be no regrets in the long run when you have made an investment. The technology of these lights emerges constantly and so you should be aware of the pros and cons of such type of light before standing firm on your choice.

As for standard lights, these are nothing but incandescent light bulbs which convert electrical energy into light energy. You would obviously get enticed to such lights in the light bulbs store due to its price and the time since it has been used. But, wait. You are making a mistake. Despite being tagged at a very low price, the bulb’s life gets reduced to 800 to 1200 hours on an average. Since only 20% of energy gets transformed into light, you might consider it meaningless to purchase traditional lights. The balanced energy is converted into heat which is used to gear up the overall functioning of the light. The production of the heat energy is high enough to cause fire breaks. To put it better, overheating is the end result and is most commonly found in these lighting systems. LED lights, on the other hand, are comparatively something worth purchasing.

LED lights are a lot more efficient because these consume less amount of energy and has high luminosity. This because they have just a few parts that help them ignite or radiate light. This consumes energy much below the expectations as compared to incandescent lights. Amazingly, as energy gets transformed into light, LED lights are much more efficient that conventional bulbs. The next biggest advantage to boast about is that these lights are eco-friendly. This because they release less heat energy thereby alleviating the levels of pollution. This, in turn, helps towards a clean environment in a much better way. Safety is never an issue with LEDs because the chances are very less for them to get overheated. Thus, such kind of bulbs can be installed anywhere even when there are inflammable things spread all around the area. In order to mimic the ambiance outdoors, the color temperature can be adjusted either to ‘warm’, ‘soft’ or ‘bright’. This is not a common case with traditional lights. Though expensive, LED bulbs last for a long span of time and once installed you don’t need to take the head to replace the bulb.
There are many LED lights bulbs posted online which are masked with colored enclosures. You could try a few of them to ideate your home with something new and distinct.

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