Monday, 21 November 2016


With Black Friday falling in the third week of November, it’s never too early to start shopping for different sorts of lights. So why wait? Check out what we have included here to spice up the day. Certainly, after going through these lights you would just be perfect to contribute towards a stunning holiday light show.

Outdoor Landscape LED Kits
With strip lights set in different colors, outdoor landscape LED kits to make it easier to think about several options when customizing holiday display pops in your mind. These LEDs are ideal for brightening up outdoor patios and programming everything with an RF remote control. For sure, you would be able to disturb everything else and be the best to set the right mood. Better still, you won’t be far away in decking up surroundings of your home.

RGB Floodlights
There’s nothing as special and energy efficient as these RGB floodlights. Compared to its halogen counterparts, these lights consume power up to 10 watts and are much brighter than your expectations. You never have to worry about damage due a heavy snowfall or downpour because these are waterproof and stay unaffected even when a drastic climatic change is bound to occur. Well, if you haven’t come across the nickname then these are also known as ‘wall washers’. It’s just because of its amazing ability to paint walls with any imaginable color. So you could start off in setting up these little puppies and perceive a vivid transformation of your apartment.       

LED Bulbs
Consider these when Black Friday offers hit the market and there’s no way to stretch your budget. In no time, you would be showering frosty white light matching to the color of snow. Fear not because LEDs radiate low heat and are relatively warmer than any other lights. Even after hours of use, white bulbs work exceptionally well. These are sure to dominate the future and leave the incandescent ancestors behind in the race.

Energy Efficient Power Adapters
It would really be a treat when you select power adapters from a mixed bag of lighting accessories. Much beyond your imagination, you would always be thankful and never think about anything else all year round. This is because of its prime feature of converting AC power into DC form that’s friendly to the environment. Don’t forget, you would be also be treating Mother Nature and adding on to save on electricity.

Drum Pendants

With minimalistic designs and cut outs all over its circular surface, drum pendants are available during a Black Friday sale. You would surely forget about what you had installed earlier once see rooms lit up in a smart fashion with artistic shadows sprawled across the flooring. Think about these synonymous to the framework of an expensive chandelier.   

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