Tuesday, 15 November 2016


If you need to be the best celebrant for a party on Thanksgiving Day, then you should consider string lights. These are nothing but lights which can be strung, wrapped or twirled in any fashion all along a coated wire. While the varieties aplenty, we have broken down such kinds of lights into four basic categories. These include Globe String Lights, Mini String Lights, Fairy Lights and Novelty String lights. To put it into simple words, mini lights are bulbs which are usually used to festoon a Christmas tree since they are available in different colors and shapes. As for the other types, Globe lights are associated in decorating a patio, Fairy lights make it easier for wrapping it in any style and Novelty lights are used to infuse a particular theme. Thinking about the light applications? Then, you should scroll ahead and check out what we have covered here to contribute to that stunning decor idea.
Consider decorating interiors of a do it yourself the cave. You can either choose novelty lights or fairy lights to add elegance to what’s in your mind. Everything is simple and easy. Once you have created a cave from a spacious box, you can think about decking it up with lights all around the top face. Surely, you would be amazing your little one as he or she plans to hide inside a place when the Thanksgiving party is in full swing.
Next, that we have on our list is a fire pit. This is nothing but a place which actually mimics a bonfire set outdoors. Think about this idea only when you want to create a perfect mood and a place of attraction for your guests. As for the lights, you can purchase them when the Thanksgiving Day offer hit the streets. Simply, arrange some stones and logs of wood to form a pyramid and place lights within the enclosure. Your job is done and you would be paying more attention to other chores in the list.
If it’s the first time of your baby to celebrate the day, then consider strewing a nursery with mini string lights. Remember you shouldn’t forget the color contrast and the backdrop when you are moving forward with this task. In case if everything inside the room is white in color, then keep the decor idea simple. Go about hanging yellow lights just below the ceiling. Enhance the beauty and elegance rather than spoiling it through expensive LED lights. You can go online or visit the marketplace to know what you can buy during a Thanksgiving Day sale.
In case you need to stay ultra-modern, then pace ahead in creating a romantic bedroom. Just hang different types of string lights along the length of drapes. It won’t look odd even when the curtains are far away from the bed. Ideally, you would only be able to add an elegant touch when the blinds are just behind the front end of a bed.

Finally, when you know that the mantle is where everyone is sure to gather, you can think about twirling lights all across a big card with ‘Happy Thanksgiving Day’ scribbled on it. Certainly, you would be splashing an extra tinge of beauty as colored stockings are hung above the fireplace.  

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