Friday, 23 December 2016


Thinking about how you should deck up interiors for the new year? Then, you should keep everything simple, small and manageable so that you wind everything faster with your bedroom, bathroom, or any other space. New year lights infuse a vivid look with the spirit of renewal. So, why wait? Transform the looks for 2017 from energy-efficient to effortlessly elegant and of course high-style to high-tech. Surely, after you go through this, you would add another resolution with dazzling options.
If you’re looking to incorporate an energy-saving technology, then you shouldn’t drift away from the idea of setting up Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). In fact, US Department of Energy reveals that LED lighting will be almost 75% of the lighting sales till the year 2030. As compared to conventional bulbs, LEDs are six times more efficient and have a long life span. This makes it the most preferred choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces which you might ignore or where you are busy with tasks all the time. Due to scalability as one of the advantages, you can think about installing them in hard-to-access locations.
To invoke a minimalist aesthetic, do consider geometric lighting fixtures which are not just for interiors with contemporary design trends. The beauty of eclectic environments can be enhanced through geometric luminaires that are defined by crystal clear materials, distinct lines, and well-engraved shapes. Since these sports a simple design, these can be used in any nook and corner of the house. Furthermore, you can also think beautifying environments that speak volumes about kingdoms in old centuries.
There’s nothing as attractive as chandeliers when it’s all about spreading luxury, comfort, and opulence. Since the days when these became a part of designs, these have been installed in unexpected areas like bathrooms and kid’s bedroom. Regardless of they being embellished with crystals or decorated with chains, your home decor would be world’s envy.
A set of pendants is what comes on our list. These have the power to render a vibrant look for every room inside the house. You would surely succeed in creating a visual statement while discovering a new way to spread ambient, task, and accent lighting. While vintage-chic to ultra-modern could be the design inspirations, you can brighten the area with a single piece or a set of lights. As guests arrive for the new year party, such suspension lights are sure to steal the sight.
Finally, evoke nostalgic memories and boast your trend with brass, bronze, and copper. Think about these when you purchase new year lighting accessories. For sure, you would be spreading a soft and warm glow all across the rooms. A refined touch and a homely atmosphere would be on its way.

So, folks hope you make your dreams come true and embark on a complete overhaul even as you set up outdoor new year lights.

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