Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Love it or hate it, 2016 is about to end and it’s time to prepare for an awesome New Year’s party. Whether it’s about a family get-together or calling your friends at home, you would be needing decorations. So, why not consider these new year lights decor ideas to deck up interiors in style.
If it’s a dinner that you’ve planned for, then we suggest you go for a weird mix and match of lights. Start with the entryway. Think about using a combination of warm lights and icicle stringers to instill a feeling of enchantment. Create a visual appeal synonymous to a lit curtain. Hang string lights right from the ceiling to the floor level. Consider colorful lights to complement the shade of the walls. Besides, you shouldn’t forget about furniture positioned inside rooms. For a kid’s bedroom, add an amazing effect through stars that glow in the dark.

Next, that need to be considered is all about decorating the Christmas tree. Use outdoor new year lights which add color to a mixture of pure and warm light. Clocks should be used as an alternative to ornaments hung usually all round the tree. But, if there’s no time to spare, festoon the tree with balloons set in black, gold and silver. You can plan for popping these after specific time intervals. While any kind of tree can help you beautify the space, white trees create a better aura. At the end, place a hat on the treetop.
For the countertops or the dining table, use white string lights dangling right till the floor. A light colored silk or satin cloth is sure to serve as the backdrop. Well, you don’t need to call a worker to do such a type of task. Simply, use an adhesive tape to paste the lights for setting the table in the style you always desired. For a better look, opt for a translucent cloth for creating a natural glow.
When everything is done, go for making chandeliers all by yourself. These would not only be adding a dramatic look but also making it better for enhancing the looks of your home. Remove an old lampshade and transform it into a shell chandelier with the help of light bulbs, and parchment paper. Better still, you can prefer making glass bubble chandeliers. These can be used anytime and during different seasons. Simply, place light bulbs within bubble-ball spheres for generating those stunning effects.
Well, that’s all we have thought about. If there’s no limit for expenses, then you could go online for shopping chandeliers and colorful string lights. For sure, you would steal something new and unique through New Year offers. Not just that, you would be making a selection from more than thousands of options and new year light accessories showcased online.

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