Monday, 23 January 2017


With the purpose of illuminating hallways, paths, and stairs, step lights are attractive and at the same time functional. But, it’s quite confusing to select from different kinds of step lights from lighting stores. So, here are some tips with which you can make a smart choice for interiors, backyard or any other location.
When you consider step lights, the bulbs are the first thing that you should take care of. LEDs could be the most preferred choice because they radiate more by using less electricity. Not just that, these light fixtures are versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors due to its sizes. Once installed, you would be making it for a perfect way of spreading light along stairs. While LEDs are the most economical option, you can also think about a mixed bag of incandescent, halogen, xenon and fluorescent step lights too. But, the case is always different with each kind of bulbs.
Next, that you should consider is all about the installations of light fixtures. This would be a determining factor for helping you purchase the right type of step lights. If you’re planning for a retrofit, then your choice would be limited to lights suitable for wall boxes. But, if you’re seeking little installation effort, then you should opt for battery-operated outdoor step lights or select from solar options. Use a LED tape or a rope for adding creativity. Later, the kind of installation that you would be carrying out would help for better decision making.
Now, a crucial tip would be to consider lights from plenty of shapes and sizes. Several step lights are designed for a standard power outlet gang box. The face plates of retrofit step lights give you the flexibility of installing them horizontally or vertically. Yet another kind of step light is brick-sized step light. These are commonly used outdoors but at the same time plays the magic indoors. To create a visual appeal, think about installing path lights or circular step lights in the ground. But for that funky look, opt for solar LED party torches to light up outdoor steps stylishly.
Now that you’ve made up your mind on what should be bought, you can go for light decor ideas. Check out remote controlled path lights to brighten up stairs or LED string lights beneath railings. LED tapes are available in different shades and provide you with an organized way. As stated earlier, LED party torches are safe for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Never scope out fixtures that could only be used within a home. Think with a broad mind and about a different purpose. Remember you would be investing time and shouldn’t regret after items are bought.

Finally, make a choice between louvers or lenses if it’s about decorating indoors. While lenses appear beautiful when the spaces aren’t illuminated, louvers garner the attention even when they radiate unfiltered light. Shop lighting accessories online and grab inexpensive products.

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