Thursday, 9 February 2017


Planning to host a Valentine’s Day party but don’t have the right type of lights? Scroll ahead to check out the best of lighting fixtures. From string lights to even those masked with colored paper, you can come up with light decor ideas beyond your imagination. You would find every other reason to decorate indoors and outdoors even when the season is unbearable. Think about the necessary things when Valentine’s Day offer has hit the streets.

String Lights
Remember string lights can be incorporated into different lighting styles besides a nuptial. Regardless of the style and the budget, you would actually fall in love after purchasing them. These feature a robust construction and would offer the perfect solution for the Valentine’s Day evening. Despite the cold breeze outside your apartment, string lights illuminate spaces well and don’t get damaged.

Patio Lights
If you’re seeking to brighten up outdoors, then patio lights actually add glamor along with stars shining high up in the sky. Think about these when you are inviting bachelor's and of course your girlfriend for the party. You can either install them on trees or next to the gate that leads guests to your house. Go through deals for Valentine’s Day if you plan to purchase such kind of lights.

Paper Lanterns
When the party is yet to start, use paper lanterns in place of chandeliers. Cover these with translucent colored paper and with the support of thin branches try to achieve a spherical shape. The huge array of shades would make it easier for bringing in style and making it easy to implement the light decor idea. While Jack-o-lanterns were made to frighten people during Halloween, such kind of lanterns would let to spend romantic moments on Valentine’s Day.

Rope Lights
With the same role that string lights play, rope or reel lights are perfect when you need to decorate a backyard all by yourself. You would avail socket differing in different sizes as the rope is much longer than you think about.

LED Lamps
If you want to lighten the mood and put whimsical thoughts into action, then LED lamps should be ideally set. With 256 colors projecting on walls, you can set the right ambiance with shades that automatically change once the mode is enabled. Either place it somewhere on the dining table or at an angle where the lights can be easily adjusted.

Flameless Floating Candles
Powered by a long lasting battery, such candles can be placed on the water surface. It’s unbelievable that flameless candles only light up when they come in contact with water. Once the evening sets, you would be creating serene pictures or a mesh of shadows on ponds. It would also be a beautiful way to splash color on fountains.

Finally, you need to be smart enough to choose the right type of lights along with Valentine’s Day gifts. Oodles of options online would help you decide which ones would work well for the indoor as well as the outdoor setting. 

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