Monday, 6 February 2017


Wondering on how you should brighten up spaces when you’re planning to spend good times with your partner? Gone were those days when you found an excuse to relish wine, woo your sweetheart with a bunch of flowers and chocolates as well as Valentine’s Day gifts. But, if you are looking towards creating a mood, then lighting rooms is the key to spreading romance all over. A few tricks are just what you would be implementing for transforming your bathroom or a bedroom into a classy boudoir. So, do check out the tips stated below and groove in the mood that you would be setting.

Dim lights would actually compel you to cuddle your girlfriend. After all, nobody needs to settle on a romantic evening. In case you have not fixed controls to reduce the illumination, simply switch off lighting fixtures like chandeliers, and let small lights speak more than a thousand words. For a candlelight dinner, scented candles do the talking while the table and floor lamps go well with live entertainment on the television. Never go for neutral decor ideas.

For drama and more indulgence, set up colored lights here and there. Set the perfect mood with soft pink lights or draping lampshades with light colored and translucent paper. Think about these ideas only when you have a low budget. But, if you are ready to splurge then opt for pink lightbulbs. You can also let the magic play around with LED lights across rooms with some soothing music in the living room.

If you want to be super stylish, then you should select string lights from deals for Valentine’s Day. These actually work wonders if you want your sweetheart to fantasize in the world of fairytales. You would really bring in warmth as you hang lanterns with cute paper all over. Truly, you would feel cozy as you use such lights to showcase any location inside the rooms.

Worried about a playful mood? Then you can make an impression by building a den. Think about this trend when you’’re curled up together on a sofa and oblivious about what’s going on around you. Cover tables and chairs with sheets and throw a couple of cushions all over. Switch off the lights and make it for a romantic getaway with dazzling fairy lights. You would find these online among options that have been showcased. Once busy, you are sure to forget about the chores and outdoor plans that you thought about.

Well, that’s all we have for you. It’s obvious that you would have to bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face and keep everything elegant and at the same time tidy even when Valentine’s gifts mean a lot. A different light decor idea could also be something around the fireplace. Just hang string lights all over the mantle and festoon them with stockings or collectibles.

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