Friday, 17 March 2017


Worried about a tiff, or selecting something that doesn’t suit your taste? We have made it much simpler and easier to select the right lamp shades at the right price. It might sound an easy task all wrapped up in few seconds, but you need to consider aspects related to room decor that you dreamt of. 

The Size and Shape
Lampshades are just like a hat, which looks uncanny when it’s slightly big or small to occupy the stem. Make sure that the proportion is up to the correct measure to create that visual appeal. While the width should be approximately equal to the height measured from the base to the fixture, the height should not exceed three-quarters of the base height. For a balanced look, the shade should be in the form of a truncated cone with 1.3 cm wider from both ends towards its base. For a square lamp shade and a round table, round shade would serve better for desk lamps. On the other hand, a square-shaped shade goes well with the square base. Your style may differ on the location. Do keep in mind where you need to place the lampshade. It could be near the bed, a long aisle or somewhere far away than your arm’s length. 

The Fabric
The material of the lamp depends on the purpose. Don’t get confused on what to buy. While translucent shades are best during reading a book and make it for table lamps, opaque can be used when you need to set a mood or highlight things within dark enclosures. Light colored paper or other similar materials could be treated as translucent shades, while card paper or silk fabrics can opt for something opaque. 

The Color and Pattern
If fashion is tickling your mind, then the color is an element that you need to consider most. Shades with the same saturation spell a contemporary look. Pleats for that matter complement old-fashioned objects. Details like embroidery and paint can transform the shade into the center of attention. But if it’s something more that you want to show off, then you can dare to think about something unique from the palette. 

Well, if you think it’s impossible to buy something through the above-mentioned tips, then here a quick gist. 

In case if it’s a circular lamp shade, then selecting a hexagonal as well as round shade could be a smart and quick tip. You no longer need to wander about the shopping arcade when time is valuable.
For the height, it should be two-thirds of the base height, whereas for the width it should be two times more than the base.
Smooth fabric speaks about being ultra-modern while pleats spell a traditional look. In order to imagine of a new style statement, mix shades which are opposites.

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