Wednesday, 8 March 2017


You as the head of the family might consult an interior designer when you are perplexed about ceiling lights across your residence. Like others, you would not prefer to spend money on setting up lighting fixtures at unwanted places where energy certainly gets wasted. Here are some things that you need to avoid which would thereby make you think like a pro.

Avoid installing tasks lights in your kitchen. Fluorescent, Xenon, or LED lights placed beneath upper cabinets is a better alternative. In case the kitchen is not designed for upper cabinets, then lamps would add the extra touch of beauty. These lamps should either be wall mounted or installed on the ceiling hassle free with the help of adjustable fixtures. A combination of halogen fixtures and flood beam distribution close to the task area would help you spruce up the concerned area. Do make sure that you decide on the LED color temperature apt for the task area.

If your house has a long aisle with dark colored walls, then never set up downlights as modern ceiling lights without adding lights on the topmost portion of the walls. As you would march down the corridor or stand exactly underneath the lights, shadows would surely make the area more gloomy at any hour of the day. For those who want to accentuate a well-polished nickel faucet, it would be fine to install a downlight above the sink. Such a decor idea might not be its worth when an individual needs to take a closer look either while spreading makeup evenly or shaving.

Never neglect while controlling different types of lighting systems. In order to pan out maximum efficiency, control lights separately and lower the brightness of LEDs and halogen lights. This might seem to be a sophisticated style, but it is easier than controlling multiple sources of light at the same time. If you are busy all the time, then you could use a building automation system to gain control intelligently when not a single family member is present in the rooms. The purpose is served at different instances of time.

While you plan to retrofit, don’t go about decorating areas of your house with ceiling lighting systems extravagantly. Choose lights which radiate optimum light but also look decorative when light fixtures are concerned. If you don’t have a broad perception, then hire a lighting designer. These professionals not only help you to provide ample light around task areas but also help you with the right fixtures to save energy at the right price.

If you own a lavish house with tall walls, then avoid hanging downlights through ceiling light fixtures. With the idea of illuminating the house with ambient light, you land up wasting more light energy and shadows spread across shiny floors. But, if you want to play smart, then try a high voltage halogen source or a ceramic metal halide. Better still, you could think about lights mounted on walls to reflect more light off a smooth ceiling rather than providing spaces for light energy to filter out through holes.

To conclude, lighting fixtures are one of the most element when you ponder about a design for your residence. With the progress of the digital world, you can now shop from a vast range of chandeliers, pendant lights and similar lighting systems depicted on different online platforms.

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